Primary 2 to 5 Registration to Class Placement

Dear Parents

 The Open Primary is here to support families with an educational path that not only follows the Singapore primary curriculum but also offers a unique low student to teacher ratio environment with affordable annual fees.


The Open Primary will proceed as follows for 2020 Primary 1 class placement:-
21 – 25 Oct 2019:
Send invitations to Parents to Recommended Class Centre Visit
(reference point of maximum 45min by public transport)


28 Oct – 31 Oct 2019:
Conduct Recommended Class Centre Visits

 11 Nov – 15 Nov 2019:
Confirm Private Classes for 2020 Primary 1

 15 Nov – 30 Dec 2019:

– Assign Private Teachers and execute Education Services Agreements

– Invoice and collect payments for 1st instalments and other fees

 6 Jan 2020:
Students commence 2020 educational programmes with Private Teacher(s)


What do you need to do as a parent?

1)    Register your child/children as student(s) and Upgrade status to Fully Committed through payment of $550.00 by 25 Oct 2019.

       Of the payment, $500.00 is a fully refundable deposit**

2)    Be available to attend your Recommended Class Centre Visit between 28 Oct and 31 Oct 2019. Visits to be scheduled between 930am and 12pm on week days

3)    Call The Open Primary on 87438337 if you need any further assistance.


** – Payment date of Registration Fee & Full Commitment Deposit will be the reference for prioritising placements for oversubscribed classes, so the earlier you Upgrade the better