Where are classes? Well, a class can be based almost anywhere in Singapore provided the minimum six students are fine the daily commute or a proposed partner centre. We are partnering with campus partner all over the island to give all families a chance to access to a nearby classroom.

All of our partner campuses have:

– A well lit, spacious classroom fitted out with desks, whiteboards, A/C etc

– Toilet facilities within secure campus premises

– A physical recreation space within 150 metres.

We have some fantastic campus partners on board. They already play key roles in mainstream education providing after-school care and academic support services to primary school children in Singapore.

As a registered parent, The Open Primary will regularly advise parents of opportunities to form a class of 6 – 9 students at a campus most conveniently located to all members of the class.

Nearest MRTs to 2020 prospective class centres:
Bukit Gombak[P1 -P3], Pasir Ris [P1-P5], Serangoon [P1-P5], Tampines [P1-P3]

Other locations can be activated if we have 7 or more firmly interested students for same primary level class (eg Kembangan, Holland Village)