About You & Us

All families want access to excellent, affordable education. Unfortunately, for many international families living in Singapore – this is out of reach. The limited placement in Singapore national schools effectively takes away their ability to choose on a cost benefit basis across the fee spectrum. The Open Primary is here to give back families the power of choice.

The Open Primary was founded in 2016 to offer an alternative path. We believe that all families should have access to high quality education at a cost that they consider reasonable for the expected educational outcomes. The Open Primary connects students from Primary 1 to Primary 6 with highly qualified Private Teachers and close-to-home Campuses. Our dedicated, MOE certified teachers are matched with a local campus provider and a permanent class of nine, same age students for a full academic year. The class teacher will expertly guide students through a local Singapore curriculum for a full academic year with regular assessments and reports each term, but without the high stress of external exams.

Our families benefit from low teacher-student ratios, local campuses and skilled educators experienced in delivering a Singapore primary curriculum.

The Open Primary is committed to connecting services to give your child a challenging and rewarding educational journey.

We’d love to hear from you!

Please contact us to discuss how The Open Primary could work for your family.

Simply email us at askus@theopenprimary.sg your  questions or request a call from us. Alternatively you can call us on 87438337 (9am – 4pm weekdays)

[Don’t worry, we understand how complex the local process can seem. We’re here to talk you through your child’s status in Singapore, any prospective or pending applications under Primary One Phase 3 registration and the AEIS process.]